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opening closings iconography.

professional practice // research // graphic design


Iconography project for Opening Closings, an initiative branch out from Creative Grounds. CREATIVE GROUNDS is an initiative led by BORDERLESS STUDIO to explore the community and urban role of school grounds after the largest Public Schools Closure in Chicago's history. With such a diverse range of initiatives, a unifying icon was needed to help organize and brand the cause. A fresh and easily identifiable look would raise visibility and awareness of the overall cause. 

design process.









design principle: Connecting Communities to Design

Borderless Studio is committed to supporting healthy, vibrant and meaningful communities by presenting and demonstrating how design adds value to the built and social environments. By working side by side with communities, Borderless aims to use design tools, processes and outcomes to both inspire, enable and shape successful places for people.

1. collect

Often sourcing images from google maps street view, the images of the schools are screenshotted and stitched together in photoshop before moving into illustrator. Using vector graphics, only prominent features of the schools are translated, and then condensed to fit into square icons. 

2. create

Using a legend, the icons were created based on live research conducted by the Chicago Tribune. To keep a consistent graphic language that can be easily implemented across various scales and mediums.

Image source: Borderless Studio, Paola Aguirre

3. iterate

4. apply

The icons were used across various scales of implementation such as gallery and exhibitions, workshop pamphlets, large scale mapping projects and event promotion items. 

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